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The Frontal Assault on Christianity.

Mark Levin calls it out clearly. It is a war against truth and therefore a war against God and those who follow Him.

What I think you’re saying is you don’t like them. Like, at all.

A journalist and a college professor walk into MSNBC and… what takes place next is exactly what you’d expect. Unbelievable! Two MSNBC guests claim that white rural voters are a threat to American democracy. Their message: We're not replacing you…. Continue Reading →

Biden Doesn’t Agree with Catholic Church’s Position Defending Life. Duh.

The reporter actually asks him about the recent ruling in Alabama. The journalist says that the Catholic Church says that the IVF procedure “destroys countless human embryos.” Biden says he doesn’t agree. Um. What doesn’t he agree with? That’s a… Continue Reading →

What’s on the Mind of Matt Archbold? Annunciation Radio!!!

In which we discuss all the world’s problems and their solutions. Spoiler Alert -the solution is mo’ Jesus.

Are you or have you ever been a Christian Nationalist?

Christian Nationalists are more dangerous than Al-Qaeda. You heard it here from James Carville. This is not him speaking off the cuff. “Christian Nationalism” is the new buzzword. They used to use “fundamentalist” and then it was “deplorables” but now… Continue Reading →

Man Lights Himself on Fire to Protest Israel or Something. Time Mag Says Christians of Old Lit Themselves on Fire.

Um. No. Aaron Bushnell committed suicide by lighting himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in D.C. as a protest against Israel. In an attempt to normalize this insanity, Time Magazine says that self-immolation was done like all the time… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Says Virginity is Made Up. Of Course It Is.

Lila Rose of Live Action reported on this and I had a few things to say. Planned Parenthood just came out with a new video that calls virginity “made up” and a “social construct.” The “educator” in the video tells… Continue Reading →

The NY Times Is a Cult. Staff Gets Triggered by Chick-Fil-A Sandwich.

You have to read this. I picked it up from Todd Starnes. It’s the reaction the New York Times staff has to the revelation that one of their own enjoys eating Chick-Fil-A. It’s almost a parody but it’s real. In… Continue Reading →

Jordan Peterson Says Many in the Church are Choosing Relevance over the Cross.

I detect no lies. Is it a fair criticism? I think so. Is he the right messenger for it? Probably not, considering the guy’s been publicly waffling on the issue of faith for years now. I don’t mean he’s waffling… Continue Reading →

The Ghoulish Gavin Newsom Defends Abortion Up Until the Moment of Birth

C’mon Matt, why should I care what the governor of the most wacky state in the union says? It’s because this is Democrat mainstream. They do not allow exceptions to their death fetish. They can’t. The stranglehold that Emily’s List… Continue Reading →

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